Tuesday Sep 13th, 2016


Moving day can be overwhelming and pets can sense the stress. There are a few things you can do to help your pets deal with the stress that this event can cause.

  1. Is is always a good idea to have someoe you trust and that your pets are familar with, take responsibility for your pet(s) on moving day. 
  2. Keep your pet(s) routine as normal as possible. A few weeks before the big move, make small changes daily; walk a different route, move food and water bowl to a different area, etc.  This will help your pets become aware that things are different. 
  3. Helping your pet(s) adjust to the new home is important.  Create a comfortable environment for your pet(s) with all of her necessities in a quiet room at the new house.

Moving day can elicit a lot of emotions from people and pets so try to keep your move positive and stress free as possible. 

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