Its Almost Backyard Ice Rink Time

Monday Nov 14th, 2016


Have you always wanted a backyard skating rink? Now is the time to have it set up just before the cold weather starts!

Follow these simple instructions to build the rink of your dreams:


Using 2×4s for the perimeter,first lay them all out to create the outline. Using 1″×2″×18″ stakes for stability, and 1×4s on all of the seams for added strength, insert the screws from the inside, screwing them in flush so that they wouldn’t interfere with the liner.  After it is all inserted and screwed in, you can add the plastic liner. They used a 6 mil 20’×45′ polyethylene plastic, But you can use a bigger one. 


*If you still want a backyard rink without using very many tools you can order a rink kit online at a great price from costco and other retailers*

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