home that is visually unappealing to buyers can be a costly mistake for a seller that could potentially cost them thousands of dollars from a sale.  The goal to home staging is to prepare the home for a wide range of potential buyers.  Small improvements that you do to your home can can go a long way towards a positive first impression. Not always do you need to make major renovation projects.  The main task is to create an even flow throughout the homes exterior, to the interior, giving the buyers a good impression from the start.  If the curb appeal is lacking, the buyers will have an unpleasant feeling about the home even before they enter, creating negative feelings throughout the showing.  You have to ensure to clean every area of the home, remove bulky furniture to highlight spacious rooms, de-clutter and depersonalize.  It makes sense to clean both the interior and exterior of your home before listing it for sale.  You only get one chance to make the perfect first impression. 

Here are some staging tips that can help turn your home into a show model home!

1.     Pack up unnecessary items and furniture before you list.  You need to create a nice flow in your rooms by de-cluttering.

2.     Stage rooms with a purpose so buyers know what it can be used for.

3.     Pay attention to bathrooms and kitchens as they have the highest return on a sale.  Remove small items from the counters and ensure not to leave any plates in           the sink.  Avoid any unpleasant cooking and pet odours.  

4.     Organize closets to show the space because buyers want space.

5.     Use colour wisely and stay away from any "Easter egg" colours.  It is always best to stay in a neutral palette when selling your home. 


*Home Staging by "Coco Decor Staging"