How To Use Leaves To Your Advantage This Fall

Monday Nov 07th, 2016


Tired of picking up endless amounts of leaves and purchasing yard waste bags?

Well today we are going to tell you how to put those leaves to good use and save you a couple of bucks!

 You can incorporate whole or chopped leaves into any cleared-out vegetable bed. They will mostly decompose over the winter, then in spring you can mix in whatever is left. If you don’t want to see leftover leaves in your beds, shred them first. 

Don’t have a shredder? A garbage can and a string trimmer will work. Use a 55-gallon garbage can. Fill it three-quarters of the way with leaves. Put the string trimmer in, turn it on and move it through the layers of leaves. Be sure to wear eye and ear protection.

Best of luck and enjoy!

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